Certified Basi Pilates & Senior Basi Faculty teacher

Georgia is a graduate of the ‘Rallou Manou’ professional dance school and has worked as a professional dancer in various contemporary dance groups. For many years she has taught ballet and contemporary dance to students of a large age range.

The experience she gained from both dancing and teaching as well as the need of exploring the endless possibilities of the human body, led her to the Basi Pilates approach.

Georgia has completed the BASI Pilates teacher training program in Athens and immediately began to teach. Since 2013 she is a BASI faculty member and trains pilates teachers in Greece and abroad. In 2019 has been promoted to Senior BASI Faculty entering the elite club of BASI Pilates teachers all over the world. She is passionate about teaching and thrilled when she shares her knowledge with her students and colleagues.

She is a follower of lifelong learning and she continuously attends seminars in Greece and abroad. She has taught at dance schools, NYSY studio, Holmes Place, Flow center and elsewhere.




Certified Basi Pilates Teacher

Kiki discovered pilates in 2005 after prolonged backache problems. Two years later she met her teacher, Maria Sylla, a Basi Pilates Faculty teacher and she begins to follow her. She is baffled by the Basi method and interested in approaching its’ principles and values. After twelve years of uninterrupted practice she participates in the Basi Pilates teacher training program, which she completes successfully.

Kiki enrichies her knowledge and experience with every opportunity and maintains a high level of practice and teaching. As a follower of continuous development, she attends seminars in Greece or abroad. She teaches individual and group lessons. She is pleased with human communication and is thrilled with the progress of her students through their practice in pilates.

She holds a degree in Biology from the University of Athens and has been professionally involved in marketing and sales.