About 3 Circles Pilates

3 CIRCLES PILATES a premium Pilates studio located at 39 Georgiou Sisini Street, next to the iconic Hilton, Athens. It is located in one of the most timeless areas of Athens, close to the new National Gallery and many popular Athenian restaurants. The studio is easily accessible by car, public transport and the metro stations of Evangelismos and Megaro Mousikis.

3 CIRCLES PILATES studio consists of the 5th and 6th floor penthouses. It is a bright, unique and atmospheric environment for your practice.
It consists of 4 private spaces equipped with BASI Systems state of the art Pilates equipment, as well as a large area BASI Pilates Mat Group Classes.

3 CIRCLES Pilates was founded in 2018 and started to operate at 8 Archelaou Street, Pagrati. The response was incredible form the beginning!
Our main goal was and still is, to share our passion for Pilates with students and teachers. 3 CIRCLES PILATES is above all the energy that is created when students and teachers, beginners and advanced practitioners gather and share their knowledge and experiences about Pilates.

3 CIRCLES PILATES is carefully and passionately designed to deliver an inspiring environment for practicing. The studio offers 4 bright and private spaces equipped with BASI Systems state of the art Pilates equipment and a spacious area for BASI Pilates Group Mat Classes.
In 3 CIRCLES PILATES we offer high quality Pilates Group classes and Equipment appointment sessions that will have a positive effect on our students’ life by transforming their mind and body, as Joseph Pilates himself described.

We follow the BASI Pilates method (Body Arts and Science International®), globally known and recognized for its exceptional values and standards, applied on Pilates Teacher Training Programs.

Everybody is welcomed in 3 CIRCLES PILATES! Our students are men and women of every age, new to Pilates or experienced practitioners, people undergoing injury rehabilitation, Pilates instructors, dancers, athletes, pregnant women and elder people.