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Certified BASI Pilates Teacher

Elizabeth has been involved with sports since she was a child. She used to play Basketball, Volleyball, practice the ballet and karate (shotokan) until her early 20s.

During her student years she discoved classical Pilates and starts to practice regularly for almost 10 years in the row. In January 2018 she decided to turn her passion and love of Pilates into a stable for her life. She started the Comprehensive Teacher Training Course of BASI Pilates to became a BASI Pilates instructor.

She aims to help people realise the significance of BASI Pilates exercise. She teaches private lessons and group classes in several pilates studios in Athens.

Elizabeth loves to keep her practice and knowledge updated.

She attends BASI Pilates seminars and workshops regularly (Pre/Post Natal, Osteoporosis, Pilates for Breast Cancer Recovery, Pilates Posture Cure for Desk Tension).

She has a Bachelor of Tourism and Business from Patra University and has a long time experience in the Tourism Industry.